Is Your Salad Junk Food?

We tend to see salads as healthy food options.  But when you investigate you will actually find that most salads fit the definition of  "junk food".  Junk food is food that contains, so called, empty calories.  These are calories that come without the nutrients.  When obtain such foods by re-fining nature produced food.  Oil is a great example.  It only contains the fat.  All the other nutrients, the fiber, the carbohydrates, the minerals, the protein, the water, etc… have been discarded.  Left is 100% oil.

So how does a healthy salad turn into a junk food?  By adding an unhealthy dressing.  If you add as little as one teaspoon of oil to a whole head of lettuce, you will end up with a meal that contains 50% fat!  Most of the calories in this meal are empty calories, from the oil.

But don't worry.  You can still have salad with a dressing.  You just have to make a healthy dressing.  

If you want to see what a healthy dressing can look like, check out my Tomato Salad Dressing Recipe.

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